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24th February 2014

The previous edition of 'Food for Thought', held in September 2013, helped ignite a debate by identifying the key issues being faced by India. The issues that were identified included: Low economic growth, Corruption, Leadership deficit, Governance deficit/Policy paralysis and Skilling/Employment generation.

Following on from the event, the Mindmine Institute in partnership with KPMG and the Planning Commission undertook a further deep dive on these five themes. This deep dive, in the form of the well-known 'Root cause analysis' framework is designed to find out the basic cause of these themes. The root cause analysis of the five themes provides us with a new perspective on the challenges faced by the nation.

19th September 2013

It was a warm, balmy evening when luminaries from all walks of life congregated at the Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi for the 'Food for Thought' event organized by the Mindmine Institute. The list included captains of industry, social activists, thought leaders, politicians, retired armed forces personnel and other illustrious figures.

Following up from the grand success of the eight edition of the Mindmine Summit held during April 4-5, 2013, the 'Food for Thought' event aimed at focusing attention on things that matter to India and Indians